Transcripts Available Online

BHS alumni did you know you can get your transcript from the comfort of your couch?

The Kentucky eTranscript system provides a simple and secure way for high school students to send their transcripts to participating colleges and universities at no cost. The eTranscript service is available in all public schools. Features and benefits of the eTranscript system include:

  • ​convenient online access available 24/7
  • touch-free, complete automation from student request to delivery
  • tracking of student’s transcript request
  • seamless integration with the Kentucky Student Information System for efficient processing
  • secure and FERPA-compliant data transfer
  • reporting metrics and analytic insight for educators and administrators
  • statewide adoption of a standard transcript format
  • ​option to send transcripts to others on request (i.e., employers, insurance companies)

Student transcripts are free until August 1 after graduation. Alumni transcripts are available for $2. Request your transcript here.