Yearbook Digital Archives Now Available for Online Viewing

The Bardstown High School yearbook archives have been digitized, archived, and made available through the BHS Virtual Library OPAC (card catalog). Editions included are 1946 through the most recent 2021 publication.  One volume of each hard copy that is still on-hand has been cataloged. Additionally, a PDF electronic copy has been included with each cataloging record for online viewing.

To view the yearbooks online,  visit the BHS Virtual Library OPAC, click on the Lists tab, and select Bardstown High School Yearbooks, 1946-Present. To view in ascending order, simply click on the word, Copyright above the list of titles. Select the title you would like to view, and then select Media followed by View full-text PDF. Or, use this direct link to go straight to the list.

Please note that the yearbooks are the intellectual property of Bardstown City Schools. We are excited to celebrate our shared history through these archives and kindly ask that you reproduce the content only for the books that are no longer available. When provided, the editors for each volume have been noted.

If additional hard copies are available for a certain volume, it will be denoted in the cataloging record. These can be purchased for $25. Contact Amy Flanagan for more details.