BCS To Offer Test to Stay Program

To keep healthy students in school as much as safely possible Bardstown City Schools will now offer a voluntary program called Test To Stay. Students identified as a close contact will now have the option to quarantine or to participate in our Test To Stay Program.

Here’s what you need to know about Test To Stay:

  • Students are only eligible if they are identified as a close contact in a school setting such as classroom, bus, cafeteria or a school sponsored activity. 
  • Participating students will have to test at school for 5 consecutive days and must wear a mask during those days.
  • Participating students can still participate in athletics and extracurricular activities.
  • Participating students must be asymptomatic (zero symptoms). 
  • If the participating student tests negative for five consecutive days, then they’ve completed their testing protocol and they’re back in school without continued testing.
  • Through the Test To Stay program COVID-19 testing is free. Participating students do need signed consent by the second test to participate.
  • Participating students will report as normal to school and will be called to the nurse as early as possible for testing.