Senior Gains Marketing Experience Through Internship At Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

Senior Addie Woods is interning at the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and gaining on-the-job experience for a future career in marketing. Her internship is part of the Path2Pro program at Bardstown High School. Through this program Addie spends the last two periods of her school day interning with the Sisters all while earning high school credit.

She works alongside Spalding Hurst, the director of mission advancement. Through her internship she is learning how to run a website, improve her photography skills, produce videos and to fly a drone! Everyday Addie gets a list of tasks to tackle, and flies right through them.

Just a few months into the internship and Addie has already gotten a better understanding of what marketing can look like for a business.

“I am able to see what goes into advertising a business, especially a nonprofit, and grasp a better understanding of what this may look like on a day to day basis,” said Addie.

Addie credits her experience with Bardstown High’s Future Business Leaders of America for giving her the experience she needed to apply for the internship with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Addie is also thankful for her previous and current business teachers that encouraged her to pursue FBLA, a club at Bardstown where students learn and perform many aspects of a business then compete in regional and state events. She says joining FBLA helped her, “make connections with students who have similar interests and goals as me when it comes to business.” She also stated that Advanced Marketing has really helped her when it comes to creating graphics and posts for social media.

Addie has always been interested in marketing, but the internship has helped her decide she wants to create a career out of it. She plans to continue her studies in marketing after high school at the University of Louisville College of Business with a major in marketing.

Story Credit: Senior Kyndal Ganoe, BCS Communications Intern
Photo Credit: Spalding Hurst, Director of Mission Advancement at Sisters of Charity of Nazareth