BHS Quick Contacts

Below are some important names and contact numbers to help your family make the most of their Bardstown High School experience. 

Dr. Amy Compton, BHS Principal

Dr. Amy Compton, Principal

Dr. Compton oversees all high school initiatives. Phone: 502-331-8802

Aaron Boggs

Aaron Boggs, Assistant Principal

Mr. Boggs oversees student academic issues, testing, and addresses student conduct and counseling issues. Phone: 502-331-8899

Brad Hill, Assistant Principal

Brad Hill, Assistant Principal

Mr. Hill oversees student conduct, school culture, and climate. Phone: 502-331-8837

Amy Rogers

Amy Rogers, School Counselor

Ms. Rogers does personal and career counseling for students with last names ranging from A through Lon. Phone: 502-331-8890

Belinda Hodges

Belinda Hodges, School Counselor

Ms. Hodges does personal and career counseling for students with last names ranging from Lop-Z. PHone: 502-331-8890

Lance Blanford

Lance Blanford, Workforce Development Coordinator

Mr. Blanford helps students explore career interests, internships, and prepare for employment. Phone: 502-331-8889

Melissa McCauley-Longacre

Melissa McCauley-Longacre, Registrar

Ms. McCauley assists with enrollment and transcripts. Phone: 502-331-8802

Sandra Farmer

Sandra Farmer, Attendance Clerk

Ms. Farmer works with student attendance and is the friendly face at the front desk of BHS. Phone: 502-331-8802

David Clark

David Clark, BCS Athletics and Activities

Mr. Clark works to coordinate all BCS athletic and co-curricular opportunities. Phone: 502-331-8821

Amy Flanagan

Amy Flanagan, Media & Technology Coordinator

Ms. Flanagan works with student books, media, and technology, including Chromebook distribution, maintenance, and support. Phone: 502-331-8819

Josh Payne

Josh Payne, Youth Services Coordinator

Mr. Payne provides counseling referrals and assistance with life skills development as well as addressing clothing, food, and housing needs of students and their families. Phone: 502-331-8893

Additional Support Resources

  • Bus Garage/Transportation: 502-331-8806
  • Food Service/Student Meal Accounts: 502-331-8812