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Are you wanting to read a book that we currently don't have in our collection? If so, tell us about it! If it aligns with our program goals and standards, we will make every effort to add the book in the near future!

The Bardstown High School Library is Guided by Five Goals

Books and electronic information that is available in the library supports the educational standards as set forth by Bardstown High School and the Kentucky Education Department.

Books and electronic information supports the educational standards as set forth by Bardstown High School and the Kentucky Education Department.

  • New books are added to the library collection monthly that are designed to reflect and appeal to our diverse student population.
  • Books are selected based on the following in that they:
    • support and enrich BHS curriculum and/or BHS students’ personal interests and learning
    • reflect the diverse backgrounds of BHS students
    • meet literary, artistic, and aesthetic quality high standards
    • be appropriate for the subject area, emotional development, ability level, learning styles, and social, emotional, and intellectual development of BHS students
    • incorporate accurate and authentic factual content from authoritative sources
    • have positive reviews and recommendations from evaluation sources including the Bureau of Education and Research What’s New in Young Adult Literature and How to Use it in Your Program; American Library Association annual youth media awards lists, and Follett Titlewave reviews.
    • exhibit a high degree of potential student appeal and interest
    • represent various viewpoints on controversial issues
    • provide a global perspective and promote diversity by including materials by authors and illustrators of all cultures and backgrounds
  • The Atriuum online card catalog (OPAC) can be accessed via the BHS Virtual Library or by following this link.

BHS Library not only provides books, but also a virtual portal to resources beyond our brick-and-mortar school. Students are instructed on locating accurate and authoritative information to support their educational projects through the Kentucky Virtual Library, as well as other online websites.

On-site support for Chromebook usage, best practices, and troubleshooting is available through the BHS Library.